Are you an early career physician wanting to:

  • Get Confident (goodbye Imposter Syndrome)?

  • Set Boundaries (without feeling guilty)?

  • Advocate for Yourself (in AND outside work)?

  • Have a life outside of work (reminder- you too are human)?

  • Just be heard and supported?

You are in the right place.

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Only 3 Simple Steps to Take

  1. Complete a 1-minute intake questionnaire to help you prioritize the topic you want to strategize about. ( For example Boundaries, Confidence struggles, Time Management, Work Schedules, Relationships, Career Development, or anything else. THIS IS YOUR SPACE!

  2. We Strategize

  3. You leave with Three Tangible Action Steps.

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Hi, I am Dr. Amna Shabbir!

I’m the Founder and CEO of the Early Career Physicians Institute, a Certified Wellness and Life Coach, a Dual Board-certified Geriatrician-Internist and a Super Mom to two young girls.

Between residency and fellowship, I worked as a full-time primary care physician in a large healthcare network. The burnout and overwhelm stemming from lack of boundaries, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism (to name a few things) was very real. 

I was able to pivot, learn heal, and grow from this experience using evidence-based tools and have helped many of my clients since with the same.

I am passionate about helping early-career physicians thrive in life post-training! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WALK THIS MILE ALONE.

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Don’t just wait for things to get better.

Act Now. Strategize.



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